PREDATOR BATTLE IRELAND.  Goodbye 2021, Welcome 2022.

Open to enter for 2022

Next year we have an anniversary 2012 – 2022 so don’t miss it we like to celebrate this with you! The real growth came after 2016! We changed the name for edition 2017 to give it its own identity to “Predator Battle Ireland”. Of course it could have failed but it didn’t, an increase of teams and sponsors was the proof. Lees “PREDATOR BATTLE IRELAND 2022” verder

Predator Battle Ireland 2021 day 3 the final day!

Like every day we did the boat check on the river Shannon in the beautiful twin village Killaloe/Ballina.

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Boat delivery to the winners of Predator Battle Ireland 2020

Never easy to say goodbye to a boat combination like this, Alumacraft Escape 165 tiller with a Suzuki 50hp on it a new brand boat trailer from “Kalf Trailers” the Alumacraft special R750-57, but this team fought hard for it!

Before the guys arrived we had the boat ready for them and the weather helped big time for the photos! So we could explain some things before using it, told them to take time to investigated all buttons and possibilities.

First something about the new brand trailer from Kalf trailers. Alumacraft Europe wanted a boat trailer tailor made for their boats and that worked out very nice! To be honest… I am very surprised by those Kalf trailers they really know what they are doing (making), eye for details for sure!

Definitely not someone who saws tube profiles in a garage and then welds them together! I had a welding and construction company myself for many years so I know where I’m talking about. I see laser cut mounting plates, I don’t see any sharp corners that can tear, etc. I see an eye for details….. have a look yourself 😊

The Alumacraft Escape 165 with the Suzuki 50hp…wow what can I say for that price!! 😊 The winners of last year kept the boat as well and fished the 2020 competition with it so I kept an eye open for that boat. What can I say…I want one myself haha, no really no bullshit sponsor kiss ass story or whatsoever, the performance of that boat on a big lake like Lough Derg….bring it on!

Competitions…what can I say? Just to keep it short…. I am very happy again that the winners of 2020 keep the boat 😊 So each year we see more and more Alumacraft boats on the Irish waters!

The entire organization is, just like all previous times, completely in the hands of “Herman Molenaar” better known as fisHerman. “Pike Fishing Holidays in Ireland”

FisHerman Pike Fishing Holidays.

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Warmest regards from Ireland.
Herman Molenaar

Winners Predator Battle Ireland 2020 Krzysztof Sibiga & Daniel Nesbitt

The winners of the Predator Battle Ireland 2020  Krzysztof Sibiga & Daniel Nesbitt! They won the high quality boat with trailer “Alumacraft Escape 165 tiller with a 50 HP Suzuki Four stroke ” on a “Kalf boat trailer” They can bring back home a hell of a 1st Prize congratulations guys, great fishing! Lees “Winners Predator Battle Ireland 2020 Krzysztof Sibiga & Daniel Nesbitt” verder

Nico en Frans Predator Battle 2020 deel 3: Game On!

Hey… hier zijn we weer met een update van onze wedstrijd. Voorbije 3 dagen waren -zacht uitgedrukt- hectisch, daarom hadden we niet eerder de tijd om wat te schrijven.

Maandag morgen was het de start van de eerste dag. Herman had de nodige stewards geregeld om de bootcontrole strak te laten verlopen, en de sfeer was bij alle teams optimaal. Het is na de bootcontrole altijd leuk buurten met de andere teams, waar we intussen al veel gasten van kennen. Lees “Nico en Frans Predator Battle 2020 deel 3: Game On!” verder

Predator Battle Ireland day 2 was a windy one!

After the boat check in Killaloe we all feel a bit better, participants are chill we did our work so all ready for day 2. It is always a bit a nervous moment of the day, launch your boat, be on time, did I bring all my gear! Day 2 a windy one is that good or bad?  Bad for smaller boats and better for the bigger ones?

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Predator Battle Ireland 2020….it will happen!

Yes that’s what we all hope and so far so good, and we will know when it is all done! Competition days 21, 22 and 23 September…..all outside.

Loads of changes of course, no team meeting inside with slideshow, food, beer and more beer while meeting new and old friends. Shaking hands, hugging, high fives etc.  not going to happen. Lees “Predator Battle Ireland 2020….it will happen!” verder

Predator Battle Ireland 2020, deel 1: the journey begins.

Eindelijk is het weer zo ver: de Predator Batlle in Ierland georganiseerd door Fisherman zal volgende week weer plaatsvinden. Volg Predator Battle Ireland via

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Succesvolle 1e editie Honda Marine Cup

Afgelopen zondag 17 november werd de 1e editie van de Honda Marine Cup gevist op de Nieuwe Meer het water van de AHV Amsterdam. Rond 06:30 werden de eerste boten te water gelaten en het traileren verliep zeer vlot. In de grote verwarmde tent konden de deelnemers zich aanmelden en werden de goodie’s en meetplanken uitgedeeld. Lees “Succesvolle 1e editie Honda Marine Cup” verder

Predator Battle Ireland 2019. Look back at the Prize giving evening.

Predator Battle Ireland. Look back at the Prize giving evening with loads of sponsor prizes.

Prize giving evening
Prize giving evening
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