Predator Battle Ireland day 3 the final day!

When you start your day as leading team you must be very nervous, team 1 Julian and Krzysztof had the best score ever in the Battle, is that beatable?? I’m sure that there are enough teams who could do it!

After the boat check a small pep talk to the teams that the fight is not over yet so after some screaming we left to the starting point to kick off ….full speed.

And yes we had a charming lady in the competition Beata Kielak fishing with Marcin, nice talking with you both. 😊

Real Warriors!
Real Warriors!

Today, what can I say about today, the weather was great maybe to sunny so lesser fish brought in for the results. Think around 96 new or replacements, and some serious big ones that’s for sure!

Lough Derg and no wind, they say here no wind no pike and yes it was very difficult for the teams and you need a little bit of luck and with working hard you can catch your reward(s) and a few teams really did today.

Nelson and Michel enjoying the weather.
Nelson and Michel enjoying the weather.
Great pike from the leading team
Great pike from the leading team
Al Rawlings and Stephen Gibbons with a great pike.
Al Rawlings and Stephen Gibbons with a great pike.
Catch and Release only!
Catch and Release only!
Always a great feeling to catch your trout , you only need one but it feels great when that part is done.
Always a great feeling to catch your trout , you only need one but it feels great when that part is done.

Tomorrow we have the prize-giving evening in a smaller version than the years before, Covid-19 rules so no singing and dancing! So a bit strange to give away an Alumacraft Escape with a 50hp Suzuki on a Kalf Boat trailer and not shaking hands with the winners.

It will not make them lesser happier that’s for sure! So for the final results, you all have to wait till tomorrow, and we need that time to check photos till 0.0001 so close the teams are on the moment …..see some big surprises anyway. 😊

See you all tomorrow. With kind regards, Herman Molenaar/FisHerman

The entire organization is, just like all previous times, completely in the hands of “Herman Molenaar” better known as fisHerman. “Pike Fishing Holidays in Ireland”

FisHerman Pike Fishing Holidays.

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Predator Battle Ireland day 2 was a windy one!

After the boat check in Killaloe we all feel a bit better, participants are chill we did our work so all ready for day 2. It is always a bit a nervous moment of the day, launch your boat, be on time, did I bring all my gear! Day 2 a windy one is that good or bad?  Bad for smaller boats and better for the bigger ones?

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Predator Battle Ireland day 1 done.

All teams on time this morning so all full in the focus! After some boat checks and making the first photos of the team we left Killaloe harbour direction Lough Derg.

Covis rules, no team walking around.
Covid-19 rules, no team walking around.
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Nico en Frans, Predator Battle Ireland 2020 deel 2.

Hier zijn we weer met een update vanuit Ierland. Sinds dinsdag was het vissen van ’s morgens tot ’s avonds, dus veel tijd om wat te schrijven zat er niet in tot nu. Elke dag waren we op het water om zo veel mogelijk te verkennen en info op te doen.

Tekst en foto’s: Nico Molkens en Frans Oomen

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Sign up Predator Battle Ireland 2020.

Today all the teams had to collect their measuring board at Flanagan’s on the lake between 1 and 3 pm just to spread out people (Covid-19), but the sun was out and how….summer is back 😊 The hot weather brought loads of other tourism out, so happy we had our own area/space outside to protect us! Is there anybody who sees something special on this Alumacraft Escape?

Of course all teams hope to win the 1st Prize below a dream boat for many!

So team by team in the queue to collect their map with instructions and the whatsapp number to send the catch photos to the control post during the match. After that they could follow the tables with all the free goodies till the measuring board.

So for all paricipants streamers from Big Streamers Netherlands.

Strike Pro Buster jerks special edition for the Predator Battle Ireland from Dennet Outdoor further Strike pro bags for all the free goodies.

Boxes with softbaits from a sponsor who is gone…. long story 😊

Navionics will sponsor team prizes but they had fishing caps for all as well.

After all those formalities a moment of meeting old and new frends, you only had to sit down to receive your Irish stew from Flanagan’s on the lake. I had one and can tell you…very tasty 😊

The participants came by car and others came from the lake, easy enough to moor your boat at the sign up and to meet up. They felt like a king with all tourists on the shore with some impressive boats!

On the end I got a present myself one great rain suit from the sponsor Graff Ireland, thanks guys.

Difficult to recognize some people with masks etc. and some of them you now them only from facebook so sorry for that 😊

4 more days to meet because I’m 3 days on the lake to keep an eye on you with the other stewards, and to check your boat once in a while….and better don’t make mistakes….no mercy at all 😊

Tomorrow the first competition day, boat check between 7.15 and 8.30 better be on time we don’t wait for you!

Parts of Lough Derg.


Predator Battle Ireland 2020….it will happen!

Yes that’s what we all hope and so far so good, and we will know when it is all done! Competition days 21, 22 and 23 September…..all outside.

Loads of changes of course, no team meeting inside with slideshow, food, beer and more beer while meeting new and old friends. Shaking hands, hugging, high fives etc.  not going to happen. Lees “Predator Battle Ireland 2020….it will happen!” verder

Predator Battle Ireland 2020, deel 1: the journey begins.

Eindelijk is het weer zo ver: de Predator Batlle in Ierland georganiseerd door Fisherman zal volgende week weer plaatsvinden. Volg Predator Battle Ireland via

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Winners Predator Battle Ireland 2019 Kamil Majda and Tomasz Gabrysiak

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Predator Battle Ireland: deel 5 laatste wedstrijd dag.

Amai… wat was me dat! Vorige editie had de winnaar 514cm, en gisteren na de 2e dag was er al een team met 520cm. Niet normaal dus. Waar je eerder gemiddeld genomen met goede vissen hoog in het klassement zat moet je nu van elke soort topvissen vangen. Voor ons zagen we dat er een team was met meer cm dan wij, maar die mankeerden nog een forel… niet normaal! Lees “Predator Battle Ireland: deel 5 laatste wedstrijd dag.” verder

Predator Battle Ireland: deel 4; tweede wedstrijd dag.

Nadat gisteren de resultaten gedeeld waren bleek dat we 6e stonden in het algemene klassement, met ook de grootste baars op onze naam. Een beter resultaat dan we verwacht hadden. Echter,  we mankeerden nog enkele belangrijke vissen, dus wij wisten wat ons te doen stond vandaag. Lees “Predator Battle Ireland: deel 4; tweede wedstrijd dag.” verder