Prize giving party Predator Battle Ireland 2018

Last year 2017 we had a max of 25 teams and fully booked, but more teams want to enter that year. So for 2018 we made a decision to go to 35 max, on the last moment teams cancelled or just didn’t show up….bit a waste of their entry fee but what can you do!

Anyway I had a great week, hard work of course and very tired on the end! I hope all participants enjoyed it. Difficult to measure because you’re so busy that you miss a little bit the fun!

Below all prize winners and the great sponsor of the Predator Battle Ireland 2018. For 2019 we found already a few new sponsor so will do my best again for you, see you next year!

The Main Prize of the Predator Battle Ireland 2018.

Alumacraft boat the Escape 165 CS (steering console) with an Suzuki 50 HP on a Pega Boat trailer H 750/525 comfort. Sponsored by &

House of the Predator Battle Ireland 2018. Team meeting and Prize giving evening.

Almost ready for the prize giving, first some food and making new friends.
Of course loads of stories about losing fish and they get bigger by the minute haha

14 teams complete with 4 pike, 3 perch and 1 trout.

The beautiful band Cailíní Lua start with their great Irish music…and dance! Give them a BIG like on facebook

Food and drinks, that last one makes Frans Oomen very happy, this is his famous face!

After some busy days for me I had to blow of some steam and dancing is my middle name so haha. Marek didn’t do bad, but he needs a few extra lessons!

We had a small problem with one team, high waves brought them in problems all safe home thank god. But they lost loads of material and of course the boat had some damage as well so to support them all participants decided to give them the deposit of the measuring boards, thanks guys!!

Further a big thanks to Marek & Jaroslaw they saw it all so stayed close to them for all kinds of help. Not much they really could do but they stayed there until they were safe!

Extra prizes for the biggest pike, perch and trout sponsored by VBLures only facebook.
Biggest Pike for Igor Klosowski & Rafal Pelc.
Biggest Perch for Joe Mc Dermott & Pat Healy
Biggest Trout also for Joe and Pat, well done!

See the result list after day 3 below.

All waiting now for the announcement of the Predator Battle Ireland 2018 winners.

And the winners of the 1st Prize ….are Joe Mc Dermot (and Pat Healy from Ireland, congratulations guys. Sponsored by  and

You can see on their faces that they still don’t believe it , but they will realize it soon when we bring them the boat “ boat delivery day”

One of the Lough Derg catches during the competition.

2nd Prize for Steven Powell & Andrew Powell. They went directly for the belly boats DLX-Pro of Macfishing which I use for many years
for my clients! Sponsored by  &

3rd Prize for Tomasz Kurman & Jacek Rafal Gorny. They took the two Platinum+ charts of Navionics UK & Ireland Navionics made the map for the competition area as well, great support! Sponsored by Navionics UK & Ireland

4th Prize for Slawek Preis & Tomasz Libera. They are looking for some warmer weather and go to Spain for one week. Fishing the Ebro, catfish, carp etc. Sponsored by

5th Prize for Julian Dabioch & Krzysztof Pawlowski. They go to the Netherlands for one week, fishing a great lake for big pike and Zander. Sponsored by:

6th Prize for Aiden Traynor & Evaldos Gusarovas. They go for one week to the Watermill Fishing Lodge in Ireland for a ALL-IN fishing holiday. Pascal Brissaud almost left on the photo told me that he would be very happy to sponsor the same prize again for 2019, thanks again Pascal! Sponsored by

7th Prize for Arnoldas Kasiulynas & Arvydas Mencinskas. They would love to catch some Baltic pike in Sweden so they go for one week to Sweden, so a big wish come true! Sponsored by

8th Prize for Krzysztof Sibiga & Radek Bobrzyk. I saw their eyes rolling when they saw the 950 Euro fishing tackle from Fladen Fishing UK, loads of fishing tackle for two fishermen. Sponsored by

A short break to dance with the ladies of the band Cailíní Lua. Bad luck for me I had to do it with Tomasz haha

Another Lough Derg Pike, looking for a pike fishing holiday please have look on my website

Sorry for this photo Rene was a little bit disorientated haha

Rene is back full focus on the winners of this prize. 9th Prize for Igor Klosowski & Rafal Pelc the winners of last year. They go for the 10 famous Mouses of Miuras Lures.  Sponsored by

10th Prize for Marek Sekula & Jaroslaw Sekula. They go for the 10 famous Mouses of Miuras Lures as well. Sponsored by

11th Prize for Simon Langan & Michael Dillon. They stay in Ireland for a great prize of Bodo Funke. One week fishing 7 overnights B&B, lunch pack etc. Sponsored by

12th Prize for Shane Lawlor & Emmett Dunne. Canada wow, I really would book one week extra for this amazing prize! Trip of a lifetime fishing for Musky will be a great adventure for sure. They won a week fishing ALL-IN in Canada, amazing! Sponsored by

13th Prize won by Jean-Philippe Carnet & Didier Chaudet. They didn’t show up on the prize giving so this prize moves to the next position! This are the rules we give away the prizes only on the evening!

14th Prize for Volker Petermann & Andre Brugmans. The go for one day sea fishing in Ireland and they can bring 3 friends. Blue shark will be the target of this great day trip! Sponsored by:

Great announcement …Al Rawlings on the photo “I think we all know him” will enter the competition in 2019. But that’s not all, he told me that Jack Pike Outdoor will sponsor some of their great products. More information will follow.

15th Prize for Oliviu Andries & Petre Pop. They see me catching great fish with it so they go for the Dekker Custom Handmade Lures! No facebook or whatsoever he told me, he is to busy right now so NO promotion anymore please haha that can happen as sponsor.

16th Prize for Damien Culliney & Chris Barry. They will see a pike from 1 km distance in the future, they go for the fishermen sunglasses of Costa. Sponsored by

17th Prize for Michael Conway & Ian Keogh. They didn’t show up on the prize giving so this prize moves to the next position! This are the rules we give away the prizes only on the evening!

18th Prize for Kevin Callanan & Pat Callanan. They took the two apps for one your mobile phone or tablet of Navionics UK & Ireland. Sponsored by Navionics UK & Ireland

19th Prize for Richie Dunne & David Dunne. They will be safe on the water because the won the Baltic Life Jackets Sweden. Given away by Steven Powell on the photo. Sponsored by

20th Prize for  Kevin Lyons & Martin Brennan. They left during the prize giving evening so this prize moves to the next position! This are the rules we give away the prizes only on the evening!

21st Prize for Jonny Mowat & Evin Conway. The won a day sea fishing in Ireland, Carrigaholt and they can bring 6 friends! Sponsored by

22nd Prize for Pascal Brissaud & Johnny Carel. They took the two apps for one your mobile phone or tablet of Navionics UK & Ireland Sponsored by Navionics UK & Ireland

23rd Prize for Alexandre Mazzia & Guillaume Dugardin. They give away their prize to the guys who had problems on the lake so that’s very very friendly of them, thanks guys. They go to the river Erne for a 4 days guided fishing trip with Gerard Smyth. Sponsored by borderfishing

6 Free tickets for the Angling show in Dublin Swords 2019. Sponsored by Angling Expo

Let’s not forget the great sponsor prizes of on the team meeting day for all participants see team meeting

Of course the Anchor Inn for their great support with food and soup after the fishing days.

All prizes gone so relaxing time and have some fun with the lads.

The two winning  teams number 1 and 2  saw a change for a last quick photo.

Singing time…easy text they all could follow it “ Yo Herman, Yo Herman, we love you, you Herman, we love you hahaha

On the photos with nice ladies, of course I would love that….who not !!! J

That’s it all done pffff now I really take off for a few days.

Thanks for following us and hope to see you all next year! Next year better again….. for sure!

Big thanks to the stewards, Frans Oomen, Frans Provo, Tim Teughels, Rene van Vegten, Patrick Rottmaier, Gordon Ellerker….love you all !

Herman Molenaar